Built On Excellence 

Founded in 2017 by lead photographer Rob Shipley (pictured), Shipwright Photography was created for the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of known photography with eye-catching high-quality photos and quality customer service. Based out of the Greater Detroit, Michigan area (Plymouth, MI), our goal has been to turn customers' creative visions into reality and attempt to push the limits of what others only thought possible for photography.

About The Photographer

Rob is a humble and down-to-earth photographer (based out of the Detroit, MI area) that has always been deeply interested in exploring the unique and the creative. As an avid motorsports and car enthusiast, Rob is often found in his free time trying to capture the essence of speed and exceptional design with his photos; whether it be on the streets, in showrooms, or at the track. When he's not focused on cars, Rob is often embracing all of the beautiful things this world has to offer through the lens of his camera, aiming to transform the conventional perspective of everyday life into something extraordinary.